Doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences Corresponding member NAS of Ukraine V.Semenenko

Scientific secretary candidate.of geol.sciences T. Shevchenko

In the Department of Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Cenozoic sediments work 18 employees, including the corresponding member V.N. Semenenko, Doctor of sciences B.F. Zernetskyi, V. Zosimovich, A.S. Andreeva-Grigorovich, candidates of geological-mineralogical and geological Sciences S.A. Lyulyeva, V.A. Prisyazhnyuk, A.M. Karpenko, V.A. Kovalenko, T.S. Ryabokon’, A. Yu. Anistratenko, Y. V. Vernyhorova, T.V. Shevchenko, D.-D. Vaha, 4 engineers: L.P. Zubanyeva, N.D. Kolomiets, N.V. Vernyhorova, L.K. Ivanova.

The main activity is the study of fossil and modern organic residues (fossil and modern mollusks, small, large Foraminifera, fossil ostracods, nano-plankton, tintinids, rad, organic microfitoplankton, spores and pollen); development and study of paleogeographic, evolutional and paleoecological criteria of stratigraphic division of Paleogene and Neogene rocks to improve the stratigraphic schemes; recreating of paleosedymental features of pools and patterns of minerals formation, including oil and gas fields, placer deposits, building materials, etc.; the development and elaboration of new techniques, including application and radyu biochronological microplankton data that helped for the first time to conduct a direct correlation regional strata of Paleogene and Neogene of Ukraine with ocean Zoning scales.

Department actively works with industrial organizations Derzhheolsluzhby for which specific pages within Derzhheolkarty-200 based on the study of paleontological residues it is held the partition and correlation of Paleogene and Neogene, developed improved Legends and stratigraphic schemes for geological maps.

The Department is provided broad international scientific cooperation through the participation of scientists in joint programs and projects with geological organizations worldwide. Department employees are members of the subcommittee  of World Neogene of International Union of Geological Sciences, Paleogene and Neogene Commission IJC of Ukraine and Russia, participated actively in international conferences (congresses RKSSN (Marocco, Austria), Paleogene Symposium (Belgium), HBO session (Russia) etc.).

Further investigation will be aimed at establishing of the scientific basis of purposeful search of minerals. Creating of the database on fossil organisms, which is now being developed in the department, will significantly expand understanding of the biodiversity of the planet and the organic world Cenozoic geological record, allowing its use as part of global database of geological research.

During the years 2001-2006 it was published 2 books, 5 monographs, 93 articles and 53 abstracts and the Atlas of paleogeographic maps of Peritetis (maps "Paleogene" and “Neogene”).