Doctor of Geological and mineralogical sciences M.M. Ivanik

Scientific Secretary candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences A.A. Sirenko

In the department of paleontology and stratigraphy of Mesozoic sediments work 14 employees, including 4 doctors of sciences (M.M. Ivanik, D. E. Makarenko, S.V. Syabryay, Y. V.Teslenko) 7 candidates in geology and mineralogy, and geological sciences (senior scientific worker L.F. Plotnikova, D.M. Pyatkova, O. A. Sirenko; L.M. Yakushyn, V.V. Furtes; scientific worker S.A. Molchanov, O.A. Shevchuk), engineers V.Y. Ochakovskyy, O.D. Veklych, Y. B. Dorotyak.

The main activities of the department are: the systematic study of the Phanerozoic fauna and flora; biostratigraphy of  Cenozoic and Mesozoic sediments; providing of paleogeographic and paleoclimatic paleoecological reconstructions.

For the analysis of geological events and the corresponding changes in biota, including macrofauna, Foraminifera of nanoplankton and flora, set limits of regional stratigraphic units Cenozoic and Mesozoic of Ukraine. It was held the correlation of chronostratigrafical, magnetostratigrafical and biostratigraphical scales of Mesozoic Ukraine.

There was made the complete calendar of geological events in southern Ukraine in Cretaceous time, and made the correlation of Cretaceous deposits of oil, gas and coal-bearing deposits in southern Ukraine.

In the international program "Perytetis" there were built 10 Jurassic- Creidous paleogeographic maps of 1:10 000 000 scale to Perytetisu paleogeographic atlas.

According to palynological and paleobotanical data it was reproduced paleolandscape and climatic conditions in carbon and meso-Cenozoic of Ukraine; reconstructed age levels changes of plant communities content of Ukraine in meso-Cenozoic and found out their relationship with geological events.

There was realised the joint integrated paleobotanical research with scientists from the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing) on comparative study of eocene, oligocene and Neogene flora of China as ancentral for flora of Ukraine. Department employees are involved in developing international programs NECLIME (Neogene climate).

As part of the work on "Derzhheolkarta – 200” scientists conduct collaborative research with the employees of GAO “Chornomorheolohiya”, DHPP Black Sea," Pivdenukrheolohiya", SGE “Pivnichgeologiya”, "Tsentrheolohiya”. According to the results of the studies it was first developed a unified stratigraphic chart of Cretaceous sediments of the north-western Black Sea shelf. The region Volyn-Podolia, first described by palynological data, have cretaceous sediments. By first palynological studies it was proved the age of regional formation "boyar strata" within the Ukrainian shield. It was developed and proposed criteria of stratigraphic dismemberment of Pliocene, and Lower and middle neopleistocene deposits by palynological data. First for the territory of East Azov it was returned the palynological characteristics of Cimmerian and Kuialnyk deposits.

Further investigation will be associated with the development of paleogeographic, evolutional, paleoecological criteria of Mesozoic sediments by macro-and mikrofauna and deposits of mesocenozoic by paleobotanical and palynological data.

During 2001 - 2005  years it was published 152 scientific papers, including two monographs.