Doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences V.I. Poletayev

Scientific secretary candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences N.I. Boyarina


In the department of paleontology and stratigraphy of paleozoic sediments work 11 employees including three doctors and five candidates in geology and mineralogy.

In order to study and create a new generation of local and regional stratigraphic schemes Paleozoic Ukraine the staff of the contemporary world level coduct active creative development of taxonomy and nomenclature of the major groups of biostratigraphic fossil organisms: akrytarh of late Precambrian and early Cambrian, Ordovician trilobits; Graptolite Silurian; algae Late Devonian and Wiese, Serpukhov and Bashkirs Foraminifera; spiryferyd of Early Carboniferous of Eastern Europe; konodonts of the beginning Algeria Wiese and Wiese-Serpukhov of Spain, as well as medium carbon and Gasimova Donbass; pteridosperms of Late Carboniferous Donbass. On this basis was made the stratigraphic scheme of the oldest Cambrian sediments of Ukraine and their correlation with the Siberian platform, emphasised the basal Cambrian section (V.V. Cyryanov); grounded the biostratigraphical boundary between the upper and middle Silurian (P.D. Tsehelnyuk); developed the biozonal scales: Ordovician Ukraine for trilobits (L.I. Konstantynenko); PPD of upper Devonian and middle Carboniferous of conodonts Donbass (O.M. Lipnyahov, T.I. Nemirovska); upper and lower Carboniferous flora of Perm (O.K . Shchogolev, N.I. Boyarina). There were developed facial criteria of searcing of bioherm structures of Visean age according microfacias and algae (O.I. Berchenko); presence and extent of breaks in sedimentation of stylskoho sole horizon of Donbass (V.I. Poletayev); prepared description of Donetsk stratotype horizons of carbon Dono-Dn provskyi deflection (M.V. Vdovenko).

In the aspect of solving fundamental problems of international and regional stratigraphic Paleozoic scale there was made the conclusion that between sole Tommotian Cambrian of Siberia and officially adopted Precambrian and Cambrian boundary lies Straton, which has the rank at least of MSSH (V.V. Cyryanov); selected and proposed for consideration by the International Working Group konodonts species indices as a criterion for determining the boundary circles of Moscow and Kasimovskogo carbon (T.I. Nemirovska); proved the difference between the concepts of "rehioyarus" and "horizon" and suggested amending the relevant articles of the Stratigraphic Code of Ukraine (V.I. Poletayev).

In the field of general problem solving: there was put forward and made public a hypothesis teleisofil holonasinnevyh plants, which states that only holonasinnist evolutionary is the stage of development of different types of unconnected plants; published the content and structure of a new scientific field - paleobiogeocentrology (A.K. Shchogolev).

During 2001 - 2005 there were published 42 articles and two monographs.