Chairman Doctor of Geological Sciences I.D.Bagriy

Scientific Secretary Candidate of Geographical Sciences S.D.Aksyom

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The department team was formed over many years of research that were started in 70s in the geological and hydrological party of Research Enterprise of the Institute of Geological Sciences. During this period the studies had mainly a practical direction and solve water supply problems of Donbass and cities of Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil. The result of this work was the selection of more than 50 underground water deposits, which have been confirmed by drilling.

Since 1993, the party was moved to the Institute as nonstructural Laboratory of geological and hydrological and geoecological research. Since then, the research has been focused on the development of scientific and methodological issues.

In July 1997, for effective implementation of tasks set by joint resolution of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Industry Board of Ukraine from 02.04.97, № 123 "On the status and prospects of scientific and technological research between scientific institutions and organizations of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Industry of Ukraine on the development of industry", in the part of the study of the geological environment state of Kryvy Rih basin and the impact of anthropogenic factors, in the Institute of Geological Sciences of Ukraine was established interdisciplinary laboratory of application geoecological and forecasting retrieval research NAS of Ukraine and Ministry of Industry of Ukraine.

The main areas of research inter-laboratory were identified:

  • The study of hydrogeoecological state of industrial regions in enterprise restructuring of the mining complex (for example, Kryvy Rih iron ore basin and Donets coal basin);
  • The development of regional mathematical models and support of geoecological monitoring system for operational forecasting of anthropogenic impact on the environment;
  • The research of the areas of intense anthropogenic pressure and assessment of their impact on the quality of natural waters;
  • Neotectonic mapping of the territory as a result of aerial and cosmos photo deciphering;
  • The use of complex low-cost rapid detection methods of fault zones of increased permeability of rocks to solve geoecological problems, drinking water search, oil and gas deposits;
  • Complex hydrological and hydrogeological studies of exogenous processes and catastrophic flooding area forecasting.

In April 2000, at the Laboratory was created the Department of Geoecology

After the reorganization in February 2004 it was renamed as the Department of Geoecology and exploratory research and entered final form.

As of January 2006 the department has 26 employees who perform budgetary topics, 8 co-workers are performing the work on economic contracts, 4 employees work part-time. Among co-workers there is one professor and 10 candidates of geological and mineralogical, geological and geographical sciences:

-         Head of the Department, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Geological Sciences I.D. Bahriy;

-         Leading Researcher, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences V.P. Klochko;

-         Senior Researcher, Candidate of Geographical Sciences S.D. Aksyom;

-         Senior Researcher, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences T.O. Znamenska;

-         Senior Researcher, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences N.V. Maslun;

-         Junior researchers I.I. Adamenko, O.M. Antonov, D.V. Zemsky, V.R. Dubosarsky, V.P. Kozhemyakin, O.V. Lazarenko, I.Ye. Mamyshev, T.F. Schulipenko;

-         Chief engineers N.G. Bozhezha, A.M. Kizlat;

-         Leading engineers Y.P. Demyanchuk, N.S. Dovbysh, N.V. Korchun;

-         Engineers M.M. Babenko, V.S. Kolosova, M.S. Churubov, M.L. Churubrova, R.L. Kravchynsky;

-         Technicians A.M. Udovychenko, G.M. Yakubenko.

Main research areas of the department:

-         Study of hydroecological state of industrial regions on the basis of hydrological, hydrogeological and hydrochemical monitoring using GIS technology and mathematical modeling with the aim of operational forecasting of flooding, contamination of the hydrosphere, water inflow into the mine, developing of dangerous geological processes.

-         Development of methodology and creation of hardware and rapid methods for detecting fault zones of high permeability rocks. The study, based on structural mapping, deciphering aerial and cosmophotomaterials, atmogeochemical, gas, thermometric and hydrological methods, results of mathematical modeling, tracing of natural waters, can solve geoecological and search tasks:

-         forecast and refinement of the structural model of promising oil and gas deposits and certain areas on land and in the waters of the seas;

-         search for drinking, mineral and thermal waters, explore of the relationship of ground and surface waters with the purpose of laying water intakes for business, drinking and industrial water supply;

-         mapping of monolithic tectonic blocks for designing of radioactive and highly toxic waste repositories.

In recent years, the department made a number of studies of geoecological and search trends:

Geoenvironmental problems:

The concept of improving the ecological condition of Kryvbas iron and ore basin in restructuring enterprises of the mining industry was worked out and the system of geoecological monitoring of Krivbas territory was established.

There were summarized data on the major components of anthropogenic environmental impact of cities Kryvy Rih and Dniprodzerzhynsk, proposed methods of the total assessment, cartographic mapping and determination of the basis of boundaries of the territories of emergency ecological situation.

It was executed mapping of the areas flooded by disastrous floods, and highlighted the areas of probable side erosion in the valleys of the rivers and streams within the mountainous part of the Transcarpathian region for rapid forecasting and development of measures to reduce the negative impact of high floods on the environment above.

Search problems:

It was created, tested and perfected on standard parts the hardware for atmogeochemical, emanational and thermometric studies designed to clarify the structure, forecasting of prospective oil and gas areas and delineation of hydrocarbon deposits.

A number of papers on drinking water search, mineral and thermal waters, the explore of the relationship of groundwater and surface water for stock assessment and choice of places to lay intakes for business, drinking and industrial water supply.

In recent years, the department published more than 40 articles, 10 monographs and 1 guideline.


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