The department is study such scientific problems: elaboration of the doctrine about fault-block tectonics of lithosphere; analysis of regularities of regional geotectonic of the territory of Ukraine and mineral deposits distribution;- compiling of geotectonic maps and maps according to fault tectonics; discovering of new geotectonic regularities of districts with rare and members elements, ore deposits, oil and gas distribution; analysis of mineral deposits geology; elaboration of strategy of a mineral resources of Ukraine; analysis of man-caused fields, study of oil-and-gas content of the crystalline foundation; elaboration of the multifactor models of the ore-controlling systems; study of the impact structures of Ukraine and ecogeological repercussions of their formation; geo-logical-hydrological and ecological investigations of industrial Ukrainian districts and elaboration of models of geoecological monitoring of regions with intensive man-caused loading; investigation of the regional ecological-geological conditions of the basic mining regions of Ukraine in connection with their re-structuring; complex investigation of Quaternary depositions; system studies of Western Antarctic Region and its geoecology.

Department of Anthropogene Geology

Department of Geology of mineral Resources

Department of Тectonic and General Geology

Department of Geoecology and Geological Searching

Department of Antarctic Geology and Geoecology