Institute of Geological Sciences, NAS of Ukraine


Prof., NAS of Ukraine Full Member

Petro F. Gozhyk

Institute (founded in 1926) is the oldest geological institution of fundamental and applied research in most major research areas of Earth Sciences; deals with the study of geological structure and geological history of Ukraine and adjacent territories, coordinates regional study conducted by manufacturing and other agencies, interagency organizations; the Institute cooperates with international organizations, participates in the development of many complex projects and programs.

There are developing scientific schools initiated by the members of the Academy P.A. Tutkovsky, V.G. Bondarchuk, V.B. Porphyryev, A.Ye. Babynets. The Institute has 3 academicians of NAS of Ukraine (I.I. Chebanenko, V.M. Shestopalov, P.F. Gozhyk), 6 corresponding members of NAS of Ukraine (V.I. Lyalko, O.Yu. Mytropolsky, V.M. Semenenko, O.Yu. Lukin, O.D. Fedorovsky, M.A. Yakimchuk) 37 doctors and 82 candidates of science. The Institute includes the Center for Aerospace Research of Earth, Center for Management and Marketing in the Earth sciences, post-graduate courses, and 4 Special Board of doctoral and master's theses defence; the Institute is the basic institution of the Ukrainian Paleontological Society, Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Committee of Ukraine, issues "Geological Journal", collections of scientific works; the Institute workers is the principal editors and members of the Editorial Board of journals "Ecology and Environmental Safety", "Geoinformatics" and others; library of the Institute is the largest geological library in Ukraine.

The Institute research aimed at developing of fundamental geological problems, solving actual problems of the mineral resources of Ukraine (energy and water resources, solid minerals), scientific basis of conservation and environmental improvements, the problems of the oceans.

The Institute made a significant contribution in general geology, paleontology, paleobotany, stratigraphy, geotectonics, lithology, paleostructural, space, engineering, marine geology, geology of oil and gas provinces, coal deposits, hydrogeological problems, emergency hydrogeology, geoecology.

Employees of the Institute elaborate the idea of lithosphere global faults; established a new direction in the fundamental theoretical problems of lithogenesis – rock-forming basins lithogeodynamic analysis that is the basis of the fuel and ore mineral resources forecast determining; developed the geohistorical model of Phanerozoic of Ukraine; laid foundations of biostratigraphy of Precambrian; defined the geological criteria for search of minerals; found the regularities of water exchange in hydrogeological structures of Ukraine in the natural and man-disturbed condition; grounded theoretical and methodological aspects of the migration of pollutants in the geological environment; discovered two provinces of mineral waters as "Naftusya"; created the digital geo-geochemical maps of the Black and Azov Seas; introduced the modern technology to study the geological environment of Antarctica; perform the study of forecasting and minimization of the Chornobyl disaster consequences.