Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences A.B. Sitnikov

Scientific Secretary M.T. Drobnohod

In the laboratory of technological hydrogeology wokr four employees, including a doctor of geological-min. sciences and a candidate of technical sciences.

The laboratory was established in 2003 at the department basis, established in 1983, its head is A.B. Sytnikov - doctor of geological-min. sciences, professor, Laureate of the prize after Vernadsky NAS of Ukraine (1987) and the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2004).

Scientific Trend of the laboratory - development of scientific bases for long-term prediction and control of optimal water and salt regime in the geological environment in conditions of intense economic activity.

The object of research is the active water exchange zone, which includes underground aquifers and drinking water supplies and saturated-unsaturated soil moist surface layer of the earth and the surface, atmospheric and biological origin of water. Performance studies effectiveness was confirmed by their validation within the Ukrainian Polissya land drainage, irrigation areas in southern Ukraine and Crimea Plain, Saratov Zavolzhzhya, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and also flooded and contaminated urban agglomerations (Kyiv, Odessa, Tula, Ashgabat) large industrial facilities, areas of radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl disaster.

Basic theoretical and methodological achievements of the laboratory related to:

- Physical and mathematical modeling of forecasted water migration of substances including filtering and moisture, absorption and desorption, dissolution, phase and chemical transformations of surface and underground runoff, precipitation, deflation, and other internal and external mass transfer in the investigated natural-technical system;

- Development and implementation of special natural and laboratory experiments and observations of typical research areas, including basic outdoor firing range "Feofaniya" (Kyiv);

- Justification of the criteria of favorable natural and industrial objects (including the root layer) and elements of environmental monitoring;

- Development and testing of effective devices for research and special analog computers for solving nonlinear and conditionally correct problems.

The investigations were appeared in 14 scientific articles and two monographs.