Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.M. Sheshpopalov

Scientific secretary candidate of geological and  mineralogical sciences I.P. Onyshchenko

The department of hydrogeological problems has staff of 29 persons, including an academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1 doctor and 9 candidates.

Department includes the radioisotope research methods laboratories in hydrogeology, hydrochemical, mineral water, hydrological processes modeling.

Hydrogeological problems department conducts research in the following areas:

- The study of water exchange and groundwater resources in geological structures;

- The study of mineral waters of Ukraine;

- The study of migration of contaminants (radionuclides, pesticides, etc.) in the underground hydrosphere, modeling their migration from the earth’s surface in groundwater and forecast of the behavior of pollutants in multilayered hydrogeological system;

- Establishing regional and local hydrological models of multilayer structures with appropriate mathematical software;

- Research in rational use and protection of groundwater;

Major achievements.

Creating of a hydrogeological model of the “Great Kyiv” to study the hydrogeological conditions in the zone of influence of intake and optimization of drinking water supply to the population of Kyiv industrial -urban area on groundwater quality.

Preparation of  the “Concepts of drinking water in Kyiv by 2020”, which was included in the Master Plan for the capital of Ukraine.

Developing of the concept of migration heterogeneity of geological environment and the availability in it areas of abnormally rapid migration of substances (including pollutants).

New classification of mineral waters of Ukraine.

Head of Department academician of NAS of Ukraine V.M.Shestopalov in 2002 was awarded the Order of Merit, 3-rd degree.

Employees of the department academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V. M. Shestopalov, scientific worker A.O. Suhorebryi and senior scientific worker V.V. Gudzenko in 2004 were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine for the cycle of works “Water exchange in hydrogeological structures of Ukraine (the scientific basis of formation of underground water resources as a source of drinking water supply and management of water).