Chairman Prof., NAS of Ukraine Full Member V.M. Shestopalov

Hydrogeological and engineering geological investigations occupy one of the leading positions in the Institute activities. Researchers and technicians of given Branch conduct extended theoretical generalization of hydrogeological knowledge and meet practical needs of National economy in the field of studying water exchange, formation conditions and resources of fresh and mineral waters, ecological hydrogeology, monitoring of groundwater radioactive contamination, elaborate scientific bases on geological problem of radioactive and toxic waste management, geological substantiation and geological servicing for construction of underground repositories of oil, oil products, chemicals, radioactive and toxic waste. Our researchers are involved in international projects on different hydrogeological and engineering-geological problems.

Departments of: Hydrogeological Problems (Chief - Prof. V.M. Shestopalov, Academician of NAS of Ukraine),

Technogeneous Hydrogeology (Chief - Prof. A.B. Sytnykov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences),

Groundwater Protection (Chief - Prof. M.S. Ognyanyk, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences),

Engineering Geology (Chief - M.G. Demchyshyn, Doctor of Technical Sciences),

Geological Monitoring Environment (Chief - S.P. Dzhepo, Ph.D of geological and mineralogical Sciences).

Well-known scientists who work in the branch: A.A. Sukhorebryi, V.V. Gudzenko, A.S. Bohuslavsky, LP. Onyshchenko, V.N. Bublyas, G.N. Negoda, N.P. Moiseeva, N.K. Paramonova, A.L. Briks, D.A. Bugay, A.S. Skalskyi, D.P. Khrushchov, V.F. Rybin, S.B. Shekhunova.