Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences M.I. Evdoshchouk

Scientific Secretary A.B. Zaitseva

Team of geology of coal deposits has 15 employees, including three doctors and three candidates in geology and mineralogy.

Science activity of Department at this stage is aimed at dealing with the current state of fuel energy in Ukraine. It was proved priority prospects of synclinal structures foulness of different ranks of oil and gas basins. It was defined the geological-structural and geochemical concept of oil and gas deposits complex. It was installed coal -petrographical, coal-chemical, litological-stratigraphical factors of coal gas content. It was estimated amount of methane generated by concentrated and dispersed coal organic of Donbass, prybortovyh zones of Dnieper-Donets depression, Lvov-Volyn basin. These studies will contribute to a real assessment of the energy potential of mineral resources of Ukraine (A.Y. Radzivill, A.V. Ivanova, L.B. Zaitseva, S.O. Machulina, S.M. Bushak). According to paleostructure paleogeomorfological research it was identified rozuschilnennya and compression areas that are natural and man-caused geological parameters controlling environmental changes and mining concentration of minerals. Lots of rozuschilnennya as cells of abnormally high pressure is proposed to determine by method of small surfaces scanning directed by electromagnetic signals (A.Y. Radzivill, I.V. Orischenko, V.S. Gorbenko).

In the Polish-Ukrainian Intergovernmental program it was conducted lito-, bio- and hronostratigraphical dismemberment of middle and upper carboxylic coal-bearing formation of Lvov-Volyn basin to facilitate stratification and correlation of coal deposits in Western and Eastern Europe, developing sinonimics of coal seam, defining of perspectives of coal basin of Poland and Ukraine. Comparative analysis of material-carbon coal petrographic composition of basins of Ukraine and Poland Lublin Basin allowed to set facial conditions for its accumulation. The outcome of these studies is the collective monograph “The correlation of carbon-coalbearing formations of Lviv Volyn and Lublin basins (V.F. Shulga, A.V. Ivanova, L.B. Zaitseva). Investigation of lignite coal of Ukraine and Hungary made it possible to compare facial conditions of peat accumulation and decide prediction of coal quality, its management and its impact on the processing environment (A.V. Ivanova, L.B. Zaitseva). In the study of carbonate and blackschist strata of south-western part of the Eastern Donbass and genetic aspects of their formation there were set various genetic and morphological types of rift structures as hydrocarbon traps in the tour-vizeyskiy carbonate formation and specific microbial bituminous formation of sulphide ore (S.A. Machulina). It is continued research on the grounding of the new concept of blowing and explosions in coal mines of Donbass based on patterns of distribution of unsaturated hydrocarbons (O.M. Sukachev).

Further investigation will focus on detection within the internal and boundary deflections of platform of Ukraine and shelf, combustible minerals complex deposits, generated as organic sedimentogenesis and deep processes.

For 2001-2005 it was published over 200 articles and 4 monographs, received 3 certificates.